Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Simple motion detection using a webcam

Well, I want to make some kind of music-based program or even a game. I haven't quite decided what I'd like to make though, however I'm going to be mucking around and experimenting with wild and wacky user interfaces. Using a webcam as an input device seems a good place to start - the mouse and keyboard are boring :P

So the following link will take you to my first experiement - motion detection. You obviously need a webcam for this otherwise nothing will happen(!). If you're using an Apple Mac with a built-in webcam you may need to select the correct camera device - for some reason there are a few in a list to choose from!

Motion Detection Example

The program senses a certain level of motion in front of your webcam. I guess it depends on which webcam you have - I have the Microsoft VX-1000 and it seems sensitive enough... Let me know how you get on...

At some point I'll upload videos of me waving manically at my computer screen - good times...


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