Monday, 21 July 2008

3 Shades Of Wii... and Johnny Lee

(that's pun #2 up there... guaranteed to get much worse as this project progresses)

Below is a list - which I shall build up - of all the software that I've found, and will subsequently fiddle with and document in a fair amount of detail... but very briefly -

(note: if the software is for use with a PC then I'll assume that BlueSoleil is running and a connection between the Wii Remote and PC has been established)

glovePIE - script driven software that runs on a PC that senses all the movements from the Wii Remote including the accelerometers. The most flexible solution with a high learning curve.

WiiCade - this is a Flash API that allows you to create a Flash application with Wii Remote control other than mere pointing and clicking, more buttons are supported, intended to be run through the Wii Internet Channel.

WiiFlash - Probably the most exciting out of the lot because it allows you to directly access the Wii Remote from Flash using actionscript. It's also possible to connect and differentiate between up to 4 remotes and nunchucks. The major downside is that there isn't currently any access to data from the accelerometers on the Remote. You also have to run a piece of software called WiiFlash Server that may require you to update your .NET framework, although it runs transparently and doesn't need any configuration.

Johnny Lee - OK, so he's not a piece of software but it would be stupid to be writing this without mentioning his research. Lee has come up with many ideas for implementing the technology inside the Wii Remote including an interactive whiteboard and many small 3D experiments that have to been seen! Anyway, his work has become quite an inspiration for my project - if only in terms of the innovations...

Thaaaaaat's all folks...


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Jerason said...

FYI, the WiiCade API also supports 4 controllers as well as distance from the screen and cursor angle information. Check out my videos on Youtube for a few demonstrations. (My username is "thewiirocks".)