Thursday, 23 October 2008

Individual Project Proposal - Wiiiiiiii

Oh, it's been a while again...

Here's my project proposal - it's not the greatest prose in the history of English but it sort of does the job!

My project will centre around researching intuitive methods of interacting with a computer – be it a workstation, laptop or another bespoke computer system such as a games console or installation-art.

The first element of my project will be made up of research into the existing intuitive control methods or user interfaces that are available on the market today, and several from the past. Many user interfaces or methods of control aren't intuitive or natural and may require training to use. I shall be finding out why these methods of control have been successful, or not.

The bulk of the research will involve finding methods of interacting with the computer system that feel more 'human' or natural.

Over the course of the overall research into user interfaces, I shall also be investigating the many possibilities there are for capturing motion information onto a computer and then using it in a meaningful way. For example, the Nintendo Wii remote controller can be linked to a computer via Bluetooth and used with a variety of programming environments ranging from Flash, Director all the way through to many open-source developments.

The second part of the project will involve using the research to produce an application based in a 3D environment.

The control device that I will be using is the Nintendo Wii remote. This is due to the fact that it has a whole array of sensors (accelerometers) that send a continuous stream of information to be interpreted by the computer.

The aim is to give the user the ability to traverse the 3D environment without using any button presses, but rather using a series of different movements or gestures – the latter being much more natural. There have been many inventive uses for the sensors in the Wii remote, which is apparent from looking at the choice of games that are available for the Wii. Another of my aims when creating this application is to create a series of gestures that need to be carried out to move through the world (such as waving the remote in a circular motion or moving it very quickly, miming the swinging motion of a baseball bat). There may also be a game-playing element to this application.

That's it but it will be revised shortly...!

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