Sunday, 26 October 2008

Squeezii Schmiizii Diizii "Wiigee"

Ohhhhh, yes, the titles can and shall get worse than that...

In my quest for all things interactive and Wii, I stumbled apon this rather nice gesture-recognition library based in Java called Wiigee. It's being developed by several German university students and from the demo video it looks amazing.

I compiled all the code using Eclipse but, unfortunately, my Bluetooth stack ('Blue Soleil') and Bluetooth dongle aren't compatible with the requirements of the Java Bluetooth library, 'Bluecove' which requires 'L2CAP'.

To save the waffle, check out the following video on the Wiigee site:


Wiigee site:
L2CAP definition:
Bluecove site:
Eclipse site:
Blue Soleil site:

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