Wednesday, 28 January 2009

LEDs, Camera, Tilt!

Whilst all the tilting is happening with the 3d model on the computer monitor, the Wiimote is also providing feedback to the user. Every one of the 9 positions (8 tilts and 1 'idle' position) has a different light sequence. I'm particularly happy with the way the LEDs zoom left and right when the Wiimote is held in 'idle' position - slightly reminiscent of a certain car...

Have a look at the video (apologies for the shoddy focus of my camera!)
There is a high(er!) quality version of the video here.

The picture below shows how the LEDs will behave when the Wiimote is tilted in different directions - hopefully clearer to understand than the video!
(note: the glowing circles denote LEDs that flash)

The LED sequences are merely there, at the moment, to provide the user with extra feedback as to their positioning of the Wiimote.

(it also looks rather good as well!)

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