Friday, 23 January 2009

Movement purely on accelerometers!

Finally back on track after months of mucking about...!

Today, I altered my Wiimote program in Director to make a 3D object move around based on the data gathered from the Wii Remote's accelerometers. The control is actually pretty accurate. So far, you have to hold the remote in a fairly 'wooden' fashion. By this I mean that you can't swish the remote left or right as one might if playing a real Wii game (Wii Sports Tennis comes to mind here).

So, after some faffing with the Lingo in Director I have the following degree of control over my 3D ball...

note: the 'deadzone' for movement is attained when you hold the remote straight up in the air.

Move left: swing the remote to the left
Move right: swing the remote to the right
Move down: pitch the remote forwards (the end of the remote is moved in an arc away from your body)
Move up: pitch the remote backwards (the end of the remote is moved towards your body, the amount of movement is limited for this action)

At the moment, the movement of the ball isn't directly related to the accelerometer data in terms of the actual numbers... So if the accelerometer hints that the Wii Remote is being swung to the left then the ball is moved left by a finite amount.

That's all for the moment, however everything is well on the way to more exciting things!

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