Monday, 26 January 2009

Wii Gesture Project - version 1

Here is the first iteration of an application that will hopefully be able to recognise a gesture made with a Nintendo Wii Remote. So far, the program can mimic the rotational movement of the Wiimote and therefore, can determine which direction the Wiimote is pointing.

Watch the video above (if you haven't already!) to see how it works.

(If you don't like the Blogspot video quality, have a look at a higher resolution version here)

What you'll probably notice is that the movement is quite stuttery, so even when the Wiimote is in a stationary position there may still be some jitters. This is due to the fact that the 3D model of the Wiimote takes it's rotation properties directly from the ever-changing data of the real Wiimote's accelerometers. Perhaps the next thing to do is add a method that 'rounds' the accelerometer data to a certain (lesser) degree of accuracy - although less accurate just for the visual appearance as opposed to the inner workings of the application.

The work continues...

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